Working metal wall clock from handsome home manufacturer

This glossy bright and vibrant colored metal wall clock not only looks great hung on the wall, but it's also ultra flat and quiet too.

If you don’t like loud ticking clocks, then this is the perfect clock for you, as it features a ‘whisper-quiet stepping movement.’ The hours and minutes throughout the day are represented by brown and silver colours on the clock face and it’s a striking design to liven up a plain wall.


Add a splash of colour to your wall with this unusual clock with metal hands featuring a fish looking with brightly blue and red coloured background by our most professional artist. Available US$12.4/pc only based on MOQ 40pcs.


Most of our metal wall clocks are available in a choice of different colours and looking, while the clock surface are in a standard glossy finish.

Post time: Apr-21-2021