Wall decoration items

Looking for wall crafts that are durable as well as appealing? Metal wall art would be the perfect way to add long-lasting beauty and luster to your walls. The strength and durability of metal ensure that you don’t have to worry about it being easily damaged, while also retaining its appeal over a long time.

Richly colored thin metal signs can be used as an ornament on the outside of a house or as interior wall decor. They are saturated with color as we powder coat the fish for unlimited display options indoors and out. They are easy to hang and make great ornament.

Our Flat 3D metal wall crafts can be hung indoors with mounting hooks which provide almost damage-free hanging. We also offer mounting hooks, nails, screws and a paper template for easier hanging.


These fish are a creative and active metal wall arts. Easily bring the swimming fish in the ocean to your home, adding vitality and color to your home. The image of the fish is vivid and full of three-dimensional appeal. Handmade paint technology makes fish more realistic and more vibrant. After several processes such as grinding and coating, it will be more vivid and never fade. It is a wonderful house warming gift for you and your friends.

Post time: Oct-19-2021