painting on brushed aluminum panels

Painting on aluminum? Why, yes! Painting on metal panels, usually copper, has been historically recorded since before Rembrandt. But during the past 20 years, our artists have been experimenting with brushed aluminum composite panels, which are lighter and have stronger construction which is 100% archival, acid free, will not mold or mildew.


This zebra piece is printed on high quality 3003 aluminum. Printing it on this grinded surface creates a beautiful print that glows, which is not achievable with paper or canvas, and will last for many more years. This zebra painting print comes with backing metal hooks that allows it to float about an inch off the wall. You don't need a frame but can frame it if you wish.


This unique glossy piece stand out of the frame and into your house. This girl in red painting art will roar to life and command attention wherever you exhibit it. Each piece of our 3D metal oil painting involves complex craftsmanship which gives it its unique and fascinating look.

Perfect for every household whether it's personal or simply as a gift.

Post time: Mar-30-2021