oversized metal wall arts

A popular decorating choice today, multi-panel wall art can fill the entire room with vibrant artwork that really catach eyes. Check out our following multi panels designs for a good look at our oversized metal wall art,this type of wall art uses multiple panels to create a large, continuous image.



Our 3D metal wall crafts typically are hung with gaps between them, which lets the overall design blend into your decor in a relaxed, natural way. However, you can also to hang them with no spacing, creating one huge, impressive metal sign! Our wall art is made of 3003 professional pure aluminum. Each panel is ready to hang with hooks in the back. Three-panel triptychs and five-panel pentas are the most popular, with sizes ranging from 60*120cm to 60*150cm. Our largest panel art is perfect for decorating company lobbies, loft apartments, restaurants, and bars. Choose from artwork with panels arranged horizontally, vertically, or cross-hatch style. Each configuration adds different visual movement to a room. Designs include gorgeous landscapes, art photography, state flags, vintage travel, and more. Each tells its own visual story, creating an unforgettable display that expresses your unique taste and style. If you have the wall space, we have the perfect museum-quality wall art to fill it!

Post time: Jul-05-2021