Our Best-Selling Wall Art

Calla lily 3D metal oil painting,really special and unique shape for wall decoration,customed size is supported based on your wall dimension.
This piece has a great mixture of vibrant green gold and white colors. Hand painted by skillful desinger and looks just like real folowers. There are five separate metal panels, and while the artwork may look heavy, it only weights around 4.5kg.
Not only is this piece one of our best-selling pieces of tropical wall art, but it’s one of our top sellers, over all! It’s not hard to feel like you’re in a tropical environment when this piece of tropical wall art is nearby!
Just measure your wall and tell us the size you need,and see if 7 & 9 or more panels would be greater for decoration
This piece has a tropical vibe to it, There are five separate panels, and you have the option of hanging them wherever you want, whether living room,guest room,kitchen. This piece is 60*150cm, and while it still could be made larger or more panels.
Lotus flower means purity and noble in China,specially great for girls’ room decoration.
The greatness mixture of bright green white and pink colors,catch your eyes tightly with such unique designs.
If you have an incredibly large wall space to fill, some of our wall art just might not be big enough. That’s why we’ve created extra large metal wall arts! This lotus flower wall art is over 2m in length, and is the perfect solution for adding style to a large space. To help you choose a piece that will look the best in your home.

Post time: Jul-21-2020