Modern metal wall art

Is there a blank wall at your home to be decorated? If you're not after painted canvas or a photo gallery, check out metal wall decor from my collection below. It's an interesting alternative which transforms an empty wall into a space of unique style.


Beautiful,soft blue metal wall art. One of these is all you need to relax in your interior. We advise trying it out in the bedroom, where it can invite some romantic, peace atmosphere.


An unusual circle wall clock in a big, metal, circle frame. It measures 20" in diameter and it's a pretty wall decoration in abstract style. A simple, but impressive element of the room.

AHS001 80x80cm

Modern art is full of puzzles and geometric shapes.This metal wall sculpture is a compilation of metal rectangle, of different grind texture and sizes.It has many shades of gold. One part is rough, the other is trimmed or striped. It fits nicely on the grey background.

Post time: Apr-19-2021