modern 3D metal wall crafts

If you have no willing to place too “confused” wall decor and want to have something simple, opt for the infinity sign. Though it’s very simple, it’s the 3D metal wall decor with meaning, which will never go out of fashion. And if you want it to have a special zest, look for the infinity sign with additional decor, for instance, with word “Love” on it.

The stunning green tropical fish is a perfect way of adding fashion and texture to your walls. Featuring a delicate floral motif set amongst flowing ornate detailing, this piece is complete in modern green color, creating a fresh take on a modern design.


Looking for an impressive and modern gold metal wall art for your home? This Gold Wall Decor will perfectly add character to your modern home. Female gold painting can be part of your Bedroom, Living Room and Entry walls. If you want to use this metal artwork for your firm, it is also a perfect wall hanging for your modern office decor.


Two decorative wall panels are welded together to form this large curve 3D metal wall décor piece, with a wavy, staggered silhouette. It features an animated dimension with rectangular panel floral and acanthus scrollwork in rich colors. Easy and ready to hang, this lightweight brushed aluminum wall art makes a great centerpiece with its modern designs, multi-colored finish, and vivacious movement.


Post time: Aug-25-2021