metal wall decor

Looking for just the right piece of metal wall décor for your home and garden? From wall art to metal prints, mirrors to clocks, our delightful range of wall décor is a chance to express yourself both inside and outside your home. Whether you want to complement your existing décor, transform a dull, blank wall or create an attention-grabbing focal point, let our metal wall art and wall décor collection bring your space to life.

Booth photo--HBMU12121

This modern framed metal wall mirror offers a captivating effect in any space, bringing energetic brilliance to blend function with fashion. A round pane of beveled glass centers within a busy geometric-inspired frame made of lush antique aluminum finish metal. Two layers of coating create an optically glossy effect perfect for calling attention to a chosen spot in a contemporary bedroom, hallway, or main living area.


Beautifully crafted in a circular shape and designed with a polished silver background, this stunning metal wall clock could also be featured with Arabic dial and classic hands too. Minimalistic yet stylish, this clock will give your walls an elegant touch.


A captivating collage of modern simplicity, this Unframed Metal Wall Sculpture adds dimension and depth with abstract precision. Handcrafted from pure aluminum panels, this hand-finished wall sculpture is made by our most skillful painters, hand-grind textures with curving designs, and 2 layers coating with strong 3D reflection effects in lights. Artwork can hang horizontally or vertically within your home, under your covered porch, or inside your enclosed patio.

Post time: Jul-15-2021