Metal home wall decor

Decorating your walls is one of the fastest ways to bring a little bit of art into your home. We can make metal wall décor that will fit beautifully into any space. A carefully crafted abstract LED metal painting piece of art can lighten the entire room and even spark conversations among your friends.

LED metal painting


If you are a fan of metal artworks, and you like the look that strong metallic sense that wall décor brings, we can create something special for you. You can get a personalized handmade brushed aluminum artwork décor piece in whatever style you want. From traditional and modern square / rectangle design to circle- it’s totally up to you.

MW012-3 3D metal wall panel


We are a professional manufacturer with vast skills and experience that are a result of working with metal for over 20 years. When working with us, you are directly in contact with the No.1 factory of metal artworks in China.  To bring your ideas to life, contact us today, and we will begin working on your project as soon as possible.

Post time: Mar-24-2021