handmade metal wall arts-great statement for any interior space

Our wall arts collection includes all of our handmade 3D metal oil painting+LED metal painting+metal wall clock,make a great statement piece for any room in your modern home or office decor.  Metal wall arts capture the light and create a dimensional art effect and each handmade wall craft is a unique, original artwork.  From small wall crafts to large wall hanging sculptures, we have any size artwork to suit your design space.


Dimensions: 32" x 32"


Handmade with high quality, aircraft grade aluminum that will not rust or corrode.
The set artwork is colorful, the dramatic affects you may notice are hand etched by our most skillful artist.
Artwork arrives ready to display with brackets in the painting back. Due to a wide variety of wall types, nails/screws are not provided. Our unique brackets allow for the artwork to be mounted vertically, horizontally, or any other desired angle. The brackets “float” the artwork approximately 2” off the wall for added eye catching depth and dimension.
Easy mounting instructions included.
Our collectors all around the world display the 3D metal wall crafts all year long in many different climates.
The artwork is quality inspected and gallery packed for safe transit to customers around the globe.


Dimensions:4 Piece set - each piece measures 16" x 16"

Overall dimensions: 32" x 32"

Length includes suggested 1" spacing between panels when mounted on the wall.

Color: Blue

This striking abstract 4-panel wall arts is a veritable kaleidoscope of contrasting colors skillfully combined to produce a truly enthralling conversation piece.


Post time: Jul-19-2021