3 new outlet metal wall decor from handsome arts

Looking for new metal wall arts to freshen up your walls? Here are some of our fabulous wall crafts that we’ve recently outlet that could add colour, texture and fresh design to your walls.

This extra big size metal wall panels by our most professional painter is a great example of how panels can be used to create stunning statement walls. It can be used as a single piece or multiple panels can be put together. This design is UV printed from and original ink and is available in several different colourways. This is the most popular colourway, which is a classic purple and blue.

3D metal wall panel

This Prestigious Radiance 3D metal wall craft features a big, bold floral green & gold design in on a metallic silver background.

The plants are highlighted in gold and green and it’s the ideal monochrome design for a contemporary home.


And finally, if you’re looking for a contemporary floral wall craft that’s not too overly floral, then this silver on black 3D tree metal oil painting could be the solution.

Each individual panel features an intricate, interwoven floral design of trunk, braches and leafs.

If black’s not your colour, then other custom colors available too.


Post time: Jun-04-2021